Multi-Repairing Ampoule

Studies have shown that before the age of 18, we have received about 50% of UV damage. As we age, UV rays may cause hundreds of millions of damage to the muscle bottom.

The complexion is dull, rough, dry and fine lines, aging and slack.
The ubiquitous ultraviolet rays are the culprit responsible for skin photoaging.
Dangerous “muscles” appear frequently, how dare you neglect?


Nocturnal aging is “accelerating”
Fatigue skin, deepening of fine lines, loose skin, thickened keratin
Decreased muscle bottom activity, slowed metabolism, aging keratin and clogged pores. Skin dirt can’t be discharged at all, and nutrients can’t be supplemented.
Chang Ye always has skin, but do you dare to stick to the rules of skin care?

Ampoule (six majors do not add, each drop is extremely mild)

  1. No preservatives
  2. No fragrance
  3. No prohibited objects
  4. No fluorescent agent
  5. No pigment
  6. No alcohol

Oligopeptide acne repair amine bottle
Speed ​​up ripening and close your mouth.
Various types of acne are eliminated.
Urgently repair acne muscles.
Help reduce acne marks.

Concentrated essence, let the skin reach the ideal state in a short time
The night rejuvenating essence, first drains the turbidity and then nourishes it, the brilliance that will be shown to you the next day
Gentle and effective: the ingredients are mild and not irritating, and the skin is better absorbed
Exfoliating: Intensively dissolve oxidized keratin, mildly remove turbidity
Exquisite and soft skin: Effectively improve acne, blackheads, reduce pores, and smooth skin
Moisturizing and repairing: improve skin’s full strength, intensive repair, moisturize fine lines, rejuvenate and youthful

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