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From Founder
Para Nara Cosmetics Company는 생명 공학 연구 개발, 미용 경험, 스킨 케어 연구소, 화장품 생산 및 브랜드 마케팅을 통합하는 전체 산업 체인의 전문 스킨 케어 화장품 브랜드 회사입니다. 미국, 프랑스, ​​싱가포르에서 온 7명의 생명공학 전문가, 21명의 연구 의사 및 기타 전문 팀, 46명의 고위 관리 및 마케팅 담당자를 포함합니다. 파라나라 제품은 한국, 일본, 중국, 싱가포르, 베트남, 말레이시아, 필리핀, 인도네시아 등 아시아 11개국에서 판매되고 있으며, 6개국 및 지역에 지사 또는 지사를 두고 있다.
김환영(Gim Hwan Yeong)
Co-Founder & Model
Our Story
1 precious plant cultivation laboratory
2 skin laboratories
1 biotechnology laboratory
Para Nara's products have expanded from facial masks to women's skin care, makeup and other fields, bringing all-round beauty from "skin to heart" and becoming a best-selling skin care brand in Southeast Asia. Para Nara product line includes "Secret" Mask Series "Jing" Placenta Stem Cell Serum Emergency Ampoule Series "Source" Skin Care Concentrated Essence Series "Heng" daily stability maintenance skin care series

Para Nara: Professional | Real | Natural | Reliable
Professional: The exploration of technology is endless, obsessed with the exploration of new muscles, and listen to the demands of different skins.
Real: No matter the cost, never reduce material resources, and always insist on using real materials.
Natural: Insight into the philosophy of natural skin care from tens of thousands of plants, and believe in the plant power of nature’s magical creations.
Reliable: Numerous and diverse beauty is the choice of trusting and respecting everyone.

Company History:
2020.04.22 will start Vietnam’s “Half-Year Skin Rejuvenation” VIP package tour.
On February 28, 2020.02, when Corona Virus-19 broke out, a donation of 300,000 US dollars of medical supplies was made.
2019.09.05 Obtained certification from Korea Cosmetics Export Trade Association.
2019.05.15 “Skin Model Contest” was held in Malaysia.
2019.03.26 Successfully developed the “Placenta Stem Cell Serum Emergency Ampoule Series” and successfully launched it on the market.
2018.08.28 The second skin laboratory was established.
2018.04.16 Obtained certification from Korea Cosmetic Health Association.
2017.05.25 Become the designated mask supplier for Philippine Women’s Marathon,
2016.03.01 Established a precious plant cultivation laboratory.
2015.06.25 Obtained high-tech cosmetics certification.
2014.01.18 Established the first skin laboratory.
2013.07.12 Using blue copper peptide and difid yeast to synthesize a highly concentrated anti-wrinkle nourishing serum.
2012.04.25 Para Nara Biotechnology Laboratory was born.

All Skin Types

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Pure Organic

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Natural Care

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